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Let's Share!

Sharing your desktop is easy and adds a personal live viewing experience to any audio conference call.

Let's Share is a simple screen sharing tool for hosting sales presentations, software demonstrations, project reviews and much more. Your guests connect instantly, via a standard web browser and they can use nearly any PC, Mac or Linux computer, even from highly secure environments.

The application enables you to show your participants your computer screen whilst on a conference call. Everything you see, they see! Since your guests only need a regular web browser, it's perfect for enhancing any impromptu phone call.

Let's Connect!

Powerful, interactive and user friendly web based tool for instant collaboration, without the hassle or the need to pre-book.

Let's Connect is a software facility that enables you to give remote presentations via the Internet in conjunction with an audio conference call. You can show presentations, documents and spreadsheets to as many people as you like, simultaneously and instantly.

Let's Connect gives you a host of tools including the essentials to present presentation slides, diagrams, pictures and hold on-line audience polls, to as many people as you like, simultaneously.


  • Integration with Outlook for scheduling conferences
  • Multiple presenters with control passing to a participant
  • Lock your conference
  • Transfer files
  • Record data and audio simultaneously
  • Ask a question
  • Conduct polling
  • Use smart scrolling
  • Use a pointer and annotation tool

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